Gay Cruising in Gran Canaria
Cruising in Gran Canaria

Cruising in Gay Gran Canaria - A Guide to Hooking up!

Gay Cruising Maspalomas

If you're comming to Gran Canaria to hook up with hot guys from around the world then you've chosen the right island! You can find sex 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

The cruising scene kicks off at the Gay beach, then makes its way to the famous Dunes of Maspalomas. Then its a break for a drink and a trip to the Sauna. Then after dinner you can hit the clubs or go and visit the many dark rooms and sex clubs dotted around the Island. Finally, if you're still in the mood you can visit the beaches after the clubs have finised for some night time action! You will not be bored!

The Islands of the Canaries have been quick to capitalise on the popularity of the dunes. Forget police harrassment and council interference! This is one crusing area with a difference. Consider the following:

- You can go nude or clothed. You can hike the whole way to the cruising areas without anyone batting an eyelid. Its quite common to see peole wander the dunes naked.

- Its international! You will meet people from all walks of life. The views from the highest dunes are spectacular and if you get hot, you're just a few minutes walk to the sea. Cool down and follow another trail and just see what you will find!

- Hungry, thirsty... not to worry. You don't have to pack some food, there are lots of street vendors catering to the many thousands of people wandering the dunes. Oh and believe us, the guys who sell here have seen it all, so don't be embarassed!

- You can get a taxi directly to the cruising areas.. And there are bus stops too!

- Its safe! Even at night, however as with cruising in all other areas around the world, be safe, exercise some caution and do not leave valuables unattended. Don't take lots of cash or credit cards with you!

The dunes of Maspalomas are some of the most famous in the world, both for their beauty and for their famous reputation for being one of the cruisiest outdoor locations in Europe.

How to get to the dunes.

Gay Cruising Maspalomas

To get there take a taxi to Plaza del Faro then walk east until you come to 'Spot No. 7' The gay beach can be reached by a 10 minute walk from the Maspalomas lighthouse or via a 20 minute walk via the dunes from the Riu hotel in Playa del Ingles

Gay Cruising Maspalomas

The main entrance is at the Hotel Riu Palace, the beginning of the Avenida de Tirajana. If you've come by car you can park free at the Avenida de Gran Canaria. In the center of the hotel you will see a public access gallery, with shops on either side. Walk though and you will see the view of the dunes ahead with the forest in the background. The view is stunning.

A lot of the cruising takes place from around 4pm onwards as guys make their way from the beach. However you can find people there all the time!

The Nature Reserve of Dunas de Maspalomas is enormous. There are several areas, and some of them are busy at certain times of the day. Follow the red-topped posts which lead to the gay area. Blue-topped posts lead to a gay cruising area. There are kiosks where you can buy cold drinks along the way. Tip: get out before nightfall if you don't want to feel you're being eaten alive by sand fleas.

Mirador - Hotel Riu Palace
Cruising at the end of the day
Entrance to Gay Beaches.
Popular with younger guys
Popular with Older guys until 5pm.
The Famous Gay Beach No 7
Popular year round, clothing optional.
Los Camellos
Popular with the after work boys and local guys.

A. Entrance B. Bosque C. Los Matos D. Gay Beach No 7 E. Los Camellos

1. El Bosque.

This is the area closest to the Mirador de las Dunas (Riu Palace), and undoubtedly the most popular from around lunch time until people start to leave the beach. This area is quite dense with lots of winding paths and seculded areas popular with younger guys and those looking for privacy.

2. Los Matos.

Los Matos is the area closest to the gay beach (about 400 m). Walking through it is much easier, and so is more popular with older guys.

3.Los Camellos

In the southwestern end of the Maspalomas golf course there is a dead end street that ends at a small roundabout. Here you will find the access to the Camel Safari, a tourist attraction where you can go Camel riding in the dunes.

By day it is mostly used for access to the beach, however some cruising goes on throught the day.From about 5pm, cruising continues from the duens to the bushes between the bridge and the parking building Boulevard Las Dunas.

This environment is completely different from the forest or Matos. Most guys are local men who arrive by car directly after work, so it is more popular from 7pm to 10pm weekdays or weekends from 4 in the morning.Nudity is very rare.

4. Parks and Public Areas

As the bars and clubs of the Yumbo close between 4am and 6am, you can find guys cruising outside the pharmacy, in the gardens surrounding the tourist office (near the main entrance of the mall, on the corner opposite the Mantrix-Mykonos-Tubes-Ministry) or in the back streets near the Yumbo.

5. Sex Clubs

The Cellar.
C.C. Yumbo. Ground floor, south side (between Construction and sexshop Man's Plaza).
Busiest Time": 0-2h. Dress code: naked (Thursday and Sunday, obligatory) or underwear
Price: € 5 including one drink.

The Cellar is hugely popular: Even if it appears there that the Yumbo is empty, the Cellar will be busy. In low season,even on a quiet night you can have up to 100 guys in the club. On a typical night in high season up to 150 guys will be there at any time, and over 200 throughout the session. The staff are friendly, but be warned. It gets hot and sweaty..and there are no showers!

Cruise Cruise.
C.C. Yumbo. 1st floor, south side (on Construction).
Admission fee (Friday and Saturday): € 7.50, a glass or two drinks.
It has a great bar, dark room, cabins, a sling with no door that nobody uses, and an excellent selection of music (if you like the house).

Basement Studios.
Waterfront C.C. Yumbo (U.S. street). Price: 10 € / day, although there are cheaper passes for one week, one month and one year.

Dress code: naked until 18pm. Daytime (pool): from 9am to 21pm.

Late night (bar only): from 20h to 0h. Sexparties Wednesday and Sunday evening
Recommended hour: 13h to 16h,

This property is actually a small complex of 5 apartments with pool, showers, hammocks under the palms, bar and restaurant ... darkroom, with sling room, labyrinth

C.C. Quote, basement.
Dress code: naked or underwear.
Entrance fee: usually free, except for events (foam party, 13 €). Despite their growing popularity,
Chaps is probably the cleanest and most modern of all of the sex clubs in Gran Canaria, it has excellent facilities and is large and spacious.

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